Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Touch'd on Tuesday

For those of you new to this blog. Touch'd on Tuesday is a day that I tell you about people who have Touch'd my life. Every day you come in contact with people and they may say or do something that impacts your life. Personally I have been blessed with many friends who have helped, guided, or lent an ear. To these people I give the "You have Touch'd a life" award.

To the following peeps: Thank you for impacting my life in a positive way. You have been an influence in my success of life!

I hope that the recipients of this award pass this on to someone who has Touch'd their life. I think it's a great way to say thank you!

Gina LaGuardia- aka @GinaLaGuardia owner of Editorial Service, Inc and her blog Confessions of a Content Pimp
I met Gina on twitter, we talk nearly every night. She offered her editorial skills to help me write my bio tag lines for my posts when I was in a pickle. We are now working together with Mom It Forward to organize live Tweet Ups for Ct and NY. Gina has become my paisan (Italian for good friend). I haven't had the honor of meeting her in person, Yet, but I look forward to it in April!!!

Carrie Borzillo-Vrenna- aka @CarrieBV Author/Journalist catch her at Cherry Bomb
I have known Carrie forever, she is like family to me. When I started my business, Carrie was my personal editor. She was the first one to ask Touch'd to be a sponsor and brought us to CA and NewYork! I wouldn't be where I am today without her!!! She made me feel like a "Celebrity". She is one girl who Rocks!! You should definitely check out her book "Cherry Bomb"!

Beth- aka @PlusSizeMommy owner of Plus Size Mommy
I met Beth on twitter, she is my Steeler buddy. Beth was one of the first people to ask to review my product. She was "thee first" to have Touch'd on a live video. Beth gave me my second award (which I still have not put on my blog). In Nashville she spoke about me as if I had known her forever and it sure felt as if I'd known her my whole life. She has the best laugh and she has become one of my best friends on Twitter and off. She has a Plus Size Heart and is always there for me.

Kristin- aka TheSassyMom owner of The Sassy Mom
Sassy and I met on Twitter at the GNO party. We became the welcoming committee. We found a lot in common besides being moms- One of them being Chocolate! I never thought I'd find someone who loved chocolate more than I do, well Sassy is that person. My first radio debut- I was shaking in my boots- and there was Sassy, routing me on in the chat room. She made me relax and enjoy being on Chicks Who Chat. Sassy and I are now "real friends" and share lots!

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Janine said...

Girl - you got alotta love to pass around. Keep it up!