Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Today is the First Day of the Rest of my Life

Today is the First Day of the Rest of my Life:
This is what I read when I walked into my 6th grade classroom on the first day of school. I decided today I will make it true! Ever since I was a little girl I was obsessed with beauty products. I would beg my mother to draw me a bubble bath from as young as I could remember and I was always stealing her lotions. I couldn’t wait until I was old enough to go to cosmetology school. I earned my cosmetology license from The Haircutting Institute of Cosmetology and Barbering in 1987. I spent 20 years as a hairstylist/colorist, but gave it up to work a corporate job. That was the biggest mistake of my life.

I spent years trying to find a product line that met all the needs of my family. I needed a soothing salt soak after a long day at work. My hard-working husband needed something to smooth out his rough hands and heels. And, my two teenaged daughters sought out deliciously smelling moisturizing lotions. When I couldn’t find a line that suited the entire family, I decided to start a line of my own: Touchd.

Now that I’m back in the field I love, I’m more inspired than ever. Touchd is my passion, my quest, and a lifelong dream come true. I started Touchd in 2007 after leaving my job at a major health insurance company to put all my creative energy into bringing the best bath and body products to discriminating women everywhere. I spent five years researching body scrubs, moisturizing lotions, salt baths, and other products before concocting the winning formulas in my home bathtub.

So you ask, "Rachel, where does a blog come in all this?" I have the manufacturing piece of my business down to a science, literally, but when it comes to blogging or running a website, I'm totally lost. What better way to learn than on the job training? In today's world if your business isn't available online, don't have one. I'm looking forward to ideas, comments, encouragement, and advice as I'm seated on the world's craziest roller coaster ride.

Feel Sexy, Feel Beautiful, Get Touchd!


eileens said...

Nice job, well I'm number one. Great products been there done that. Enjoy helping with production. Love the sugar scrubs the best scents and results ever. Nothing like smooth skin who wouldn't want it?

Lili said...

Shoot for the stars Ra... (with smooth elbows of course)...